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Pokémon Shipping Survey!
1. Your current shipping obsession?
Ash/Wendy Darling(from Peter Pan), Barry/Sakura Kinomoto, ash/may, ash/iris, paul/ursula

2. Favorite shipping/s involving Ash?
ash/wendy, ash/may, ash/iris, and ash/bianca

3. Favorite shipping/s involving May?
ash/may, gary/may, and barry/may

4. Favorite shipping/s involving Misty?
 misty/tracey, misty/gary

5. Favorite shipping/s involving Brock?
brock/kidd summers

6. Favorite shipping/s involving Dawn?

7. Favorite shipping/s involving Max?
none that i can think of, he's just not shippable

8. Favorite girl x girl shipping/s?
 i'm not into slash or femmeslash

9. Favorite guy x guy shipping/s?
i'm not into slash or femmeslash, but i do like pod/corn/dento just for the lolz. i know its a 3some but that the only ship i like that fits into this category

10. Favorite Pokémon x Pokémon shipping/s?
mew/pikachu, jirachi/manaphy 

11. Favorite poly shipping/s (orgy lawl XD)?

12. Favorite Pokémon x other anime character (known as crossover) shipping/s?
...I don't have any because I usually don't like/read crossovers.

13. The first shipping that you supported?

14. How many shippings do you support now and have liked before?
Dude...I support WAYYY too many ships in this fandom from the animé, and i'm too lazy to count them all.

15. First unnamed shipping you named?

16. Shipping/s that you support which you made a fanfic out of?
I haven't written any fanfics for pokémon

17. Shipping/s that you think you’re the only one who supports it?
 barry/iris,jackie wlaker/lizabeth,professor oak/professor araragi, cynthia/lance, and some others i can't think right now

18. Shipping/s which you were surprised to know that other people also supported it?
reggie/maylene, paul/ursula,sir aaron/queen rin, and  gary/may

19. Favorite het shipping/s?
ash/wendy,ash/may, ash/iris, mist/tracey, paul/ursula, barry/iris, dawn/drew, reggie/maylene, jackie walker/lizabeth,professor oak/professor araragi, cynthia/lance, and barry/may

20. Pokémon x Pokemon Shipping/s you have created/liked ever since you started playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?
Mudkip/Charmander (the two Pokémon I used in Mystery Dungeon, but this could work out for any of the two starters you get in that game, because the relationship is the same)

21. Shipping/s that you used to like but got annoyed because of the fanbase?

22. Shipping/s that you really despise no matter how you look at it?
drew/may, any incest pairng, and most pedo, human/pokemon,and orgy shippings

23. Shipping/s that you started to like after seeing fanarts of it?

24. Shipping/s that your friends support which also influenced you to support it?
None that I can think of, because as I said before, I'm alone in this fandom

25. Popular shipping/s that just doesn’t have any appeal to you at all?
ash/misty, ash/dawn, ash/gary,ash/paul, drew/may, paul/dawn, conway/dawn

26. Shipping/s that your circle of friends supports, but you don’t?

27. Do you think your taste for Pokémon shippings has changed from the year you started?
I don't know, but I'm a multishipper  (in most fandoms), and I try to look at pairings from different angles to see if my brain likes the possibility of supporting the ship or not.

28. Are you fine with one shipping going against the other shipping?
I've never had problems with that at all because I multiship all the time

29. A shipping you like that doesn’t have a fanart/fanfic yet, which you wish it would have one?
of course!

30. Shippings that you think should never had existed in the first place?
drew/may, human/pokemon, pedo, and incest pairngs


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